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Conditions Treated
Wellness & Injury Prevention Motor Vehicle Accident
Sports Injuries Acute & Chronic Pain
OUR MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is simple: We want to provide high-quality, evidence-based, chiropractic care to help you reach and exceed your health goals. Each visit in our office will be tailor-made to our patients’ specific needs. We want to create a comfortable and caring environment that is easy for our patients to refer their friends and family.
Needham Chiropractic is affiliated with sitko chiropractic and both are located within the springfield chiropractic plaza.
Dr. Cody Needham has traveled around the United States to take advanced course outside of the college curriculum and has received certifications in many techniques to help better treat his patients. Techniques Dr. Cody specializes in include: 1:Diversified 2: Flexion-distraction 3: myofascial release technique 4: Soft tissue mobilization 5: Acupuncture 6: Thompson 7: MPI 8: SFMA 9: DNS
exclusive interview with DR. CODY
Techniques & Methods
1: Chiropractic Adjustment Adjustments help to properly Mobilize your spine where it was previously restricted. Restricted joints send a pain signal to your Brain. When we mobilize theses joints it overrides the pain signal with an "opioid release." 2: Soft Tissue Release Therapy Sometimes tight muscles are responsible for your pain. We reset the function of these muscles through techniques that help to turn them off. 3: Acupuncture and Dry Needling Acupuncture deals with the flow of energy throughout the body. In our office we commonly use dry needling more that uses some of the same principles of acupuncture to help get rid of these irritating trigger points. 4: Rehabilitative Exercises Exercises are prescribed to help create longer lasting results of the treatment we provide in the office. These exercises are designed to improve your body's function and help ensure you don't have a pain relapse 5: Nutrition Counseling In our office we have an anti inflammatory diet that we prescribe to patients. The diet is designed to reduce your body's total inflammation.