Chiropractic in Springfield, IL

Dr. Cody Needham was born and raised in Springfield, IL where he attended Sacred Heart-Griffin high school. He played both baseball and football in high school and had his first chiropractic experience after suffering a back injury during practice. He was amazed at the relief he felt after chiropractic care. While receiving treatment he learned the values of chiropractic and noticed how similar they aligned with his own views on health. He then decided he wanted to be able to provide others suffering from pain and injuries a similar solution.

He went on to receive his Bachelors degree in Exercise Science at Southern Illinois University before graduating from Logan University with a doctorate in chiropractic.

Evidence based chiropractic

Dr. Cody’s goal is to be able to provide evidence based chiropractic care that treats the cause of a person’s pain and to educate each patient on what they can do to avoid a “pain relapse”. He believes that proper joint mobility and stability is the key to healthy movement.

“Our bodies are constantly working in a state of dysfunction…we are compensating machines that have the ability to perform an action even if injury is the direct result of the desired action. If I can remove the dysfunction of my patient’s movement it will decrease the likelihood of pain occurring and improve human performance.”

He believes each treatment should be tailor-made to the patient’s needs and goals. He believes every person can benefit from chiropractic care and he gets his own spine checked at least once per week.

Dr. Cody has certifications in the following techniques:



Acupuncture & dry needling


Logan Basic


Active release therapy



Advanced education in nutrition and DNS

Chiropractic care is the practice of using spinal alignment to alleviate a wide variety of physical ailments, including muscle strain, neck pain, chronic back pain, and more.

Certified and Experienced Chiropractic

Dr. Cody has certifications in the following techniques: Diversified, Flexion-distraction, Active release therapy, SFMA, Acupuncture & dry needling, Graston, Thompson, Activator, Logan Basic, as well as advanced education in nutrition and DNS.


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